dazzling dolls kids spa - Where every little girl can dazzle...

About Us
Our Mission is to empower girls with a positive self-image in a fun and relaxing environment. We set ourselves not only to make the girls look beautiful on the outside, but to promote wellness through pampering, fun and inspiration. We will give every “doll” a great experience with our team, who has been trained to provide quality service with positive attitudes. Our spa services are for young girls between the age ranges of 3 – 16 years. Our team have been trained and licensed by the State of Ohio.
We're a kid-friendly space and upon entering Dazzling Dolls, you know immediately that this a place just for kids. Dazzling Dolls is designed exclusively for the younger client with inspiration, sophistication, glamour and elegance.


Our products kid-friendly and we take pride in knowing that we use a line of products developed specifically for kids. We offer an array of products and depending on the service, they are odorless.
You will find our prices are very affordable!! So stop by Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa and let your dazzling doll unwind. We look forward to serving you!