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The following steps will help you book your spa party successfully.

1.  Check calendar below or call us to check date & time availability
2.  Complete the application below in its entirety 
3.  Pay your deposit via the PayPal button (small processing fee will apply)
4.  A  confirmation email will follow after completion. 

Please Note: 
Your party will not be book without your deposit. Please make sure you submit a completed application and deposit at the same time.  

Dazzling Doll's Name:
Doll's Birthday Age:
Spa Party Date: (refer to calendar below for availability)
Spa Party Time: (depending on package choice, Saturday parties will be held within 1 of the 2 time blocks)
Friday (time to be confirmed with spa)
Saturday 10am-2pm
Saturday 3pm- 7pm
Sunday (time to be confirmed with spa)
Parent's Name:
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Spa Party Package Choice:
Dazzling Signature Spa Party
Bling Me Baby Spa Party
Rock The Runaway
Girlz Rock Spa Party
Mini Spa Package Choices: (not to exceed 4 guest total)
Signature Doll Mini Spa Party
Cookies & Milk Sweet Treat Spa Party
Everything Chocolate Spa Party
Tea Doll Mini Spa Party
Add on guests: (refer back to your chosen package to determine max. guest & additional cost)
Invitation choices for the "Dazzling Signature Package" will be emailed for review
Pizza Choices:

Mini Spa Party
$1.80 processing fee
Price: $50.00
Big Spa Party
$3.29 processing fee
Price: $100.00

To ensure that your party is booked stroll up the page to complete the deposit process